Informal meeting with Cleveland Memory Project Head Bill Barrow

1:00-2:30 pm (or longer if needed), Monday, Aug. 2, 2010

Everyone is welcome

General goals

Further collaboration, especially through students practicum, grant seeking, and faculty research

Background Information

Cleveland Memory Project (CMP)

SLIS student Practicum products

Around 50(?) students have already had their practicum there
-- Building Digital collections, e.g.:

Student Paper or Project for the Culminating Experience, e.g.,

  • Open Archives Initiative -- Object Reuse and Exchange (OAI-ORE)
    • Could CONTENTdm, DSpace, Fedora, Greenstone, PastPerfect and the other image database platforms be harvested by a particular OAI (maybe OhioLINK's)
  • User Interface
  • metadata issues of regional collaboration (OHNE)
  • Web2.0 technology

Ongoing and future Topics and Areas of Interests:

  • Using OCLC's Multi-Site Server program, harvesting the metadata from other ContentDM users in the Northern Ohio
    • Possible extension to the Ohio Memory project and OhioLINK's Digital Resource Commons
  • user experience
  • interface design
  • online exhibition
  • visualization
  • organizing
  • community outreach
  • maximizing the usage
  • Linked Data
  • formatting for mobile devices
  • connecting CMP resource with education use
  • Ohio Outdoor Sculpture Inventory

Previous Grants Activities

  • JISC/NEH Transatlantic Digitization Collaboration Grant" -- CSU was seeking KSU's supporting letter
  • IMLS Cont. Ed. grant. "Encouraging Digital Advocacy project" -- SLIS Karen Gracy, Marcia, and Athena initiated. Karen -- P.I. CSU as a partner
  • Grassroots approach for family/personal digital projects, the technologies and social connections -- David's previous grant proposal at LSU

Future Grants Activities

Linked Open Data (LOD) ideas

Team at CSU

  • Joanne Cornelius, Digital Production supervisor
  • Barbara Strauss, the Head of Technical Services
  • Melinda Smerek, the Head of Multi-Media Services
  • Lauren Felder, web designer
  • Kif Francis, Metadata Librarian
  • Lynn Bycko, Special Collections
  • Cleveland Memory Project Team


GIS : Sophisticated GIS maps for bridges and hospitals

Google Map for bridges and hospitals

THEBAN Mapping Project

usability study of CONTENTdm, DSpace, Fedora, Greenstone, PastPerfect and the other image database platforms